Adventure Time girls paintings ! I added these original paintings to my shop, check it out ! Lady Rainicorn, Flame Princess, Marceline and Ice Queen are already out of stock but Turtle Princess, LSP, Fionna and Princess Bubblegum are still available :) 

Done with Posca pens and glitter glue.

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who started the rumor that frank ocean was releasing music at the end of july cause thats fucked up

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i love writing love letters to my friends. i think it’s my favorite hobby. i love love that doesn’t hurt me!!!! it’s so nice to feel. you get stronger because of it. my bones are titanium steel and binary code of gmail chats with lots of hearts. 

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Boys make me so uncomfortable and not in the They’re So Cute kinda way but in the I Don’t Fuckin Know You And Don’t Want To Know You So Please Stop Talking To Me kinda way

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boys? you mean sex toys that are rude and don’t even vibrate? no thank u

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Putting on makeup is such a spiritual experience I watch myself go from a 3 to a 9 right in front of my mirror I love it

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passionate-anal asked: yer a dream woman



no i’m not. i am none of those things. 

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"text me when you get home" means "i love you, be safe." 

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"I hate people generally, but I like people individually."
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why do people look like their art styles so much
they don’t look exactly like it
but you can look at a person then at their art then back at the person and be like “yes, this is definitely the person who drew this”

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breastplate; the only signed work of Giovan Paolo Negroli (Italian, ca. 1513-1569) (x)

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Back on my Tumblr game… Emma Appleton photographed by me for Agent Provocateur in London, June 2014

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"The trick…is to find the balance between the bright colors of humor and the serious issues of identity, self-loathing, and the possibility for intimacy and love when it seems no longer possible or, sadder yet, no longer necessary."
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